Do Not Make This Mistake in Live Poker

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Do Not Make This Mistake in Live Poker

Hey guys, so I got into poker about a month ago. I'm a computer science and math major so I was initially attracted to it for the theoretical side. Long story short, I quickly became obsessed and for the past month have played thousands upon thousands of hands, late nights and lots of studying etc. My online performance has been break-even this first month.

Anyways: so I had 5 of my boys come over to my place and we played a 20$ buy-in. None of these guys know ranges, none of them know how to play from position, just a bunch of drunk frat-bro gamblers.

The game lasted 6 hours late into the night. Long story short, for 6 hours I cucked everyone at the table. it felt incredible... but 6 hours is a long time, and I was using my brain and all my focus to the max while these guys were just chilling the f* out. So decision fatigue set in. By the end of the 6 hours my brain was mush.

My stacks were getting deeper and deeper and deeper and I was able to force my opponents into tough spots and win tons of pots with good bluffs and a balanced strategy. Furthermore I simply felt incredible. And that's when shit got bad.

At one point I play a hand really poorly and that's the first time it occurs to me "I'm all of a sudden not playing very well." I was tired of crunching numbers in my head.

Anyways, so it's 3am, i'm delirious and I go all in on an obvious fold and it takes me down 3 dollars below buy in. At my height I had 45$ and all of a sudden I was 3 dollars short. It was so bitter. Furthermore, I handed 5 hours of really effortful poker to a drunk kid who I felt didn't deserve it.

I had never gotten "winners" tilt before while playing online but the social aspect of live poker makes it much harder to control your emotions.

Anyways here are two takeaways:

  • Stop as soon as decision fatigue sets in and decreases your performance
  • Be very careful of the cockiness that comes with the social aspect of high performance at a table. This can seriously mess up your game.

I feel awful and I feel like a loser, and I knew this sounds like a shameless noob post, but has this happened to anyone else on here? I want to know that I still have a hope of doing well at this game.

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