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Downswing/Tilt problem?

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Downswing/Tilt problem?

Hello so ive been making me way thro poker for this year from NL2 to Nl25 watched almost all essential videos for cash games and ive been doing ok winning at every stake recently 5bb/100 over 130k hands on Nl25 but all of the sudden this week i started going on a losing streak day after day i lost 50% of my bankroll which is super depressing....It happened after i decided to spend more time playing poker ive been doing 2-3k hands a day before and it was going good but now i decided to spend even more time playing close to 10k hands a day because i rly want to get to higher stakes and try to make a living from poker, and it has been crushingly bad since then....luckly i havent went all mad and i dropped in stakes for a good bankroll managment but the thing is now im kinda scared of playing even lower stakes which ive been beating hard for 500k hands and idk why is that im just afraid i will lose all the progress i made....any advice? I tried changing sites from pokerstars to partypoker but i dont rly like no HUD system cuz i play zoom games only and its impossible to mark people there(only after hand finishes if i see him again on the pool+remebering his name to find him) so i dont know who is a nit and i end up calling to much.Any help or advice will be much appreciated :) .

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