Easy jam....isn't it?!

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Easy jam....isn't it?!

5 left in 10r storm on stars.fr
utg 1.8m

c/o raises to 260k (38/31 over 40hands from c/o) btn folds. I jam, bb folds, he has aces I bust.
OK so I have been talking with my friend who's game I respect a lot about this hand. In game, I thought easy jam, he's raising w so much there and just folding to a jam. Well I would be raising as low as 45s there to put pressure on other stacks and bb is kind of handcuffed w icm etc. My mate argues its an easy fold when I can jam in so many other spots and pick up easy chips. He said he would fold as far as 8s (I think is nonsense) Like even when I run into the top 10% of his range (9s+/ A10s+) I am in decent shape right? What you guys think, is it too aggro or am being results orientated? Bare in mind this guy was a B/E player he probably wouldnt even be calling right.

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