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Errors watching videos.

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Errors watching videos.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but there isn't even a forum for the foundations course.

Yesterday I paid for the foundations course. Today I'm about 3/4 of the way through it and it's giving me an error saying that my account is locked because I've requested too many videos.

If you are going to sell a course with a large number of videos that average 5.5 minutes each you need to understand that you are going to get a lot of video requests from a user in a relatively short amount of time. The web page has to allow for that.

I would really like to watch the content that I paid for. I think this is a reasonable request. I've emailed support since that's the only way to get in touch. No response yet (not even an automated response saying that they got my email and someone will look at it eventually). So what now? I'm going to give it a day. If it's not resolved by then is disputing the charge my only recourse? Luckily I paid by CC so that option is open to me.

I understand that this is a technical issue and not an intentional attempt to defraud but the outcome is the same. I paid for something and I expect to receive what I paid for. Again, I think this is reasonable.

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