Evolution of a Poker Player : Foundation

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Evolution of a Poker Player : Foundation

Hello everyone.
This is my debut here but after a long time thinking about it and seeing a lot of inspiration from other authors i had decided to open my own blog. I had choosen runitonce because it seems like a group of focused players and where priority is more towards development rather than prove that other people are wrong.

I hope this blog will grow with me, this is why i called it Evolution of a Poker Player. I am in the early stages of what we used to call a poker career, despite not being young myself, playing NL25 zoom games and trying to figure out by myself how to beat those games. This part of the blog will be focussing on building and improving foundations in different areas, mostly general health and poker.
As propably many people out there i still believe that poker dream is alive, despite games becoming tougher and tougher and this is why i am here. However i also want to be realistic so my focus right now is on the limit i play and everyday improvements.

Short-term goals (0-6 months)
To build habits around and within poker (sleep, nutrition, exercise, study) that allows me to live a healthy lifestyle while still being able to play poker without totally sacrifing everyday life. It is propably important to note that i have a job, girlfriend and two dogs.

Mid-term goal (6-12 months)
Become a part of BrPC, proving that i can beat NL25 and being ready to accelerate my poker journey.
sauloCosta10 is one of my biggest inspiration here so having someone like him close to you would be huge privilage.

Until next time !!

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