ExPro comeback.

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ExPro comeback.


Joined this very nice site. Haven't watched any whole video's yet. But I've been reading a little.

I'm an ex pro poker player, from Europe. I played from 2006-2010, winning about 500k$.
Was a winning player in a little bit of everything. MTT's, NL Cash, Live etc. This was before training sites and HM/PT was a thing.
You that played back then, know that the games was very soft and that you didn't have to be a very good player to win.

In the last seven years I haven't played more than 1000 hands, due to several personal reasons, never went broke from poker. Still have money left from back then and an other income.

Things are very diffrent in my life now and I am intrested in getting back in to the game. Not as a professional or to make any serious money. But for the challange. I have some extra money/time. Tomorrow I get back home from a long vacation. Ready to start this project among many other new things in my life

Will mainly play CG ither 6max NL or PLO (Haven't played). Some MTT's when I have time for longer sessions but not that often.
Tried some 6 Max NL100 on Stars and lost every session feeling lost in lots of pots and out played...
I know im rusty and have more to give, and that four sessions says nothing. But let's be humble, I can feel that the NL100 players are way better than me.

I've been reading a little here and there and I can see that people are discussing hands in ways that makes me confused even at the stakes of NL20, haha!


Im looking for info how to best learn HM2/PT? (pros/cons?), ways to improve?, videos to watch?, site to play?, what to play?, what to study?, study groups?, other?

Also thinking of keeping a journal, don't know if I would do it open for public or just for my self.

All the help and input I can get is appreciated

Thanks and good luck at the tables.

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