Finally taking it seriously! Can i make i as a Pro?

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Finally taking it seriously! Can i make i as a Pro?


I am a 25y old boy. I love all kinds of sports and since around 4years Poker, too. At begin, like most of us, i was a loosing player. In 2019 I was sick of loosing and started to watch vids on RIO, YT and Twitch. Not just a few, i really put in a lot of effort and it paid back: I began to win.
At begin of 2020 i realised that i have a lot of talent in Poker and that there is still a lot of money to be made (against all rumors) in the online poker scene. I quit my economy degree for that reason. Just a few months later i got 4th in the GG Master 150$ for 26k. Nice start!

Or not?

It really helped my confidence to make it as a pro, to calm my parents and friends who were maybe worrying if i make it in Poker (as they have no clue of it and some of them might still think its a game of luck).
But it had also bad effects:
1. I continued grinding MTTs, even tho i actually wanted to focus on Cash Game. I lost a bunch of my winnings there.
2. MTTs fucked up my lifestyle as i was awake long nights etc.and tilted me way more than Cash Game for obvious reasons.
3. Got lazy in regards of studying etc. as i got "plenty" of money on the side.

I think my biggest opponent in Poker is myself. Without the discipline to warm up before every session, to meditate and workout every (2nd) day and to stay away from MTTs as my skills are definitely located in the Cash Games i can probably skip my Poker Career.

So, thats why I planned to start writing this Blog here on RIO. Here are my Goals:
1. Connect with people in the Poker Community
2. Keep track over myself and share with you guys if I keep the discipline to:
- warm up before every session
- to meditate daily
- to do some sports / workouts daily
- to update this Blog at least every 2nd Dday and share some intresting hands and results.
- study at least on hand in depth every day
3. BRM: I start with 2k --> NL100 (Rush n Cash on GG Poker)
5k --> NL 200
12.5k --> NL 500
25k --> NL1k
4. NO MTTs untill I hit 25k! (As they really fuck up my sleep schedule and the variance tilts me as well)

I am happy to welcome everyone who wants to join my journey :)


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