"Fold little, bluff a lot"

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"Fold little, bluff a lot"

My journey from little to a lot.

I am M. 26 yo, an ex -variance sample- *sorry, MTT player. At the beginning of the year after some unfortunate events, I had to get a real & low variance job (which I find a very dangerous thing to do for my personality and ambitions) . With 1k$ online I decided to have a shot at a serious game like the 25NL . After April and thanks to quarantine, I moved to 50NL. I had plenty of time to grind in that time period, and the games where soft enough. I somehow managed to play like 24 days straight or something. Maybe a low freq. daybreak may not, I can't recall. Which is a very unusual thing for me to do as I preach balance in every aspect of life and I try to manifest it with every cell in my bluffing river- body- frequencies.

Numbers. Around June I had $4K in profits and decided to deposit on GG poker, claiming the bonus and such, basically trying to run my roll up to around $6k and start shot taking Benjamins on 100NL. As I logically understood and many professional players advice, getting rakeback is crucial at moving up. The first month I ran on the sunny side and had around $1K only to whale it back a month later. Besides this first kinda real swing ( like -30bi) and hit to my NL100 plans, I decided to buy a share of a very +EV real estate property which I think I can 3-4x in the next 10years. That led me to have a roll of around 2000$ at the beginning of this month. (September for those who are reading this in the future)

Ok no-problemo I said to myself. Coming back from holidays, I started sessions again at 25NL, with huge confidence, a little tanned, and a little rusty. That bit of a break+no serious active study/practice (since regging 50NL)+ having my confidence meeting my redline (yeap you guessed it very south for a hot-blooded young fellow) led to -500$ and currently 60 bi to work with.

Anyway, not surprisingly enough I will start playing again on stars and keep this blog as a journal/medium to track my progress, get better, add discord buddies and strengthen the right neural connections so that I can start folding little and bluffing a lot.

Obvious patterns that one can spot from my first spot

[x] Not funny
[x] Talk too much
[x] Probably a breakeven reg
[x] Results oriented
[x] Good with girls, because fuck logic

The 3rd and specially the 4th point will be my main areas to work on for the upcoming season.

*The tittle is quoted from a nice comment SauloCosta10 left, stating that the greatest players in NLHE fold little and bluff a lot.

Results for the year so far, what you see in the graph - minus a couple ore hundreds- but who cares.

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