Freakonomics Podcast on 'Choking'

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Freakonomics Podcast on 'Choking'

Really, really fascinating listen. Especially for poker players and even more especially for MTT'ers who play a format where the late game/final table is the equivalent of suddenly playing a very high stakes cash game.


To share my experience in this regard...
I can relate especially hard to this topic. Early in my poker career - and even a little bit today - I was a nervous wreck deep in tournaments. Even in something as silly as a small 180-man! When I would get deep/final table I would be physically shaking and feel like my mind would just blank and I'd forget everything I'd spent years doing. I wouldn't be able to range people, I'd feel rushed/transparent with every decision, my mind would obsess over the worst case scenario (that I'd make some huge -$EV punt, that I'd play poorly and peers I respect would laugh at me/think I suck, that I'd run a big bluff and get called ~every time and look stupid, etc.). Quite simply I'd almost always feel like I'd forgotten how to play poker and live/die w/ each pot won/lost.

I guess I included that little blurb above to let others know that if they feel similar right now in similar spots that it's totally normal! Just keep putting yourself in those spots and working on improving it!

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