From 50 to glory.

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From 50 to glory.

My back story: I've been winning a little playing cards over the years but never really invest myself in it the way I should have.(sorry for my English french is my first language.) But now I'm motivated to give it a LAST STAB. (Let's go).

FIRST STEP: Get to 250USD Playing 2NL and 5NL = X

2nd STEP : Get to 500USD. Playing more 5NL less 2NL =
ministep 1: Getting to 25K-h played NL2
ministep 2: Getting to 15K-h played NL5
ministep 3: Taking notes on REG NL10.

3rd STEP : Get to 1K USD. Playing 5NL Taking shot 10NL =

ALSO, looking for a study partner. A winning NL10 (over 50K hand) player would be the best. But a motivated guy who's real HUNGRY for it would do the trick. DM?

Here's a graph. we all love that! I will post when the second step is complete.



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