From Micro to Highstakes :)

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From Micro to Highstakes :)

Hi everyone :)

My name is Martin, I am 19 years old guy from Slovakia and I have been playing poker for 2 years (mostly 6max CG), but have had some breaks, because of school, friends, my free time activities etc. I decided to start this journal (hopefully) as a journey from a micro to a highstakes player. I would like to keep posting probably once a week, just to point out the crucial moments which will occur. I hope it will be helpful also in the future, to basically see what were the crucial stages where I made the biggest mistakes, how I dealt with that, at which part I was more/less confident and also what had the major impact on my mental game and obviously learn from it :)

Living conditions
Given the fact that I have been living in the same room with my two brothers it has been really difficult to avoid some distraction (especially during ssn and study time). However, next week we are gonna move with my family to a new bigger flat which means that I am finally going to have my own room. So now I am really looking forward to a new stage of my life :)

Short-term plans/goals
Well I would like to put as much effort as possible. To give more weight to my goals I am writing it here as well. Since it is much easier to lie to myself with some bullshit excuses than to the whole forum. So about my weekly volume, I would say 30h of playing+15h of studying. Now I know that it will be really challenging, but to be honest I want to challenge myself so I am looking forward :)
Play: I would like to start with 2 reg tables, focus on every single detail (place for adding 1-2 tables). Starting with NL2 (despite the fact that I was beating nl10 with a solid winrate) and hopefully moving up through stakes once I will have a sample size over 20k hands with a winrate over 10bb/100 (or 40k with winrate 5bb+)

Study Plan
I think this is really important to actually know what to study or basically to have a study plan. In my case I am gonna start with 3bet pots OOP (firstly from SB and then move to BB). This is gonna be my weekly/monthly topic. (not sure about the amount of time.. it will be dependent on my level of confidence which I gain through the learning process). Marking, analyzing and posting those hands would be the whole process. Also I would like to hear 1 podcast per day by Elliot Roe.

Long-term plans
Well my passion for poker is indescribable.. I was thinking a lot about my future, since I have been studying on a grammar school and this is my last year, most of the people expect that I will continue to study at university. However, I do not want to be determined by the environment. I wanna do what I want, because it is my life not theirs :) So my plan is to take a gap-year and try to build my poker career. However, if anything happens, I have got also a plan B which is going to uni after a year off and study business management.

Daily routines
Besides of poker I would like to set up the time for going to bed (9-9:30pm) and getting up (5-5:30am). Every morning have a cold shower+do some exercise (20-60minutes) and at least twice a week go climbing to the climbing centre. Also I would like to continue practicing swimming in a cold water twice a week (with my bf). Last but not least is healthy eating what I have been practicing more than 1 year.

That is all for now, looking forward to some comments, thoughts, advice or whatever :)


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