From the bottom of the heap to the top of the world

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From the bottom of the heap to the top of the world

Hi guys, for a long time I wanted to open a blog in english (I'm from Argentina) and I recently joined 2p2 and RIO so I think it's a great opportunity to go with it on both sites.

First of all, I'm 23 years old, I'm at law university and I was recently kick out of my job, I will work until the end of August but whatever.
I have no motivation in getting another dead end job so my only job will be playing poker. In my country $500 is more than enough for helping at my house and for cover my own expenses.

I've been playing poker for a few years more as a hobby with decent results, and taking it a bit more seriously this year, a few months ago I joined RIO and started playing SH NL25z at Stars.

I'm not happy with this graph, because whenever I have a little downswing I tilted and destroy my wr, so it's entirely my fault. I can't let that happen ever again.

Here are some of my stats, if you help me find errors would appreciate it

If you can't see them well, here they are

If you can't see them well, here they are (part two)

I check my stats with a database review from Steve Paul and I pointed out some things that I think I have to improve

Up PFR / Up 3bet / Low sqz / Low 4bet / 3bet success - high fold4bet? / Low 3bet BB vs B / High fold SB vs steal / Cbet high flop and low turn - river / Low raise cbet / Low wwsf? High WSD? / Low cbet success otf?

My main goals from now on are:

  • Improve my game everyday
  • Play more or less 60k hands per month
  • Be a 4 bb/100 winner on September and improve every month
  • Improve my english too xD

To sum up, I'll post interesting hands to discuss as often as possible and once a week the weekly results.
I'll start playing on September 5 because I have some exams at university this days. Then I will start working.

Sorry for the long post and my English, all feedback will be very well received.

GL at the tables!

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