Getting better at life, plo

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Getting better at life, plo

Hello, and welcome to my poker journal. The purpose of this blog is to encourage sober reflection on my poker journey, and to help me realize my goals. So let's begin by setting some goals.

Weekly Goals

20,000 hands per week.
Bring my A game to the table every minute of every session every day.
Invest some time in hand review and session review.
Improve every aspect of my game, including technical skills, soft skills, and mental game.
Pool 5x per week.
Gym 5x per week.
Eat less.
8 hours of sleep a day.

Monthly Goals

Bankroll management. At the moment that means grinding PLO $25 and PLO $50.
Invest plenty of time studying and reviewing hands and sessions.
80,000 hands per month.
Pool 20x per month.
Gym 20x per month.
Eat less.

Long term goals

Move up in limits slowly and safely.
Lose weight.
Improve cardio fitness and general health.
Healthy diet and lots of exercise.

I think that overall these are pretty solid goals. They should be relatively easy to accomplish if I devote enough time and focus on them. 20,000 hands might be a bit hard, although I did 1607 hands today and could have definitely played a lot more. I think in order to really grind 3k hands per day I would need to do something like 3-4 hours of continuous grinding + additional sessions. Something like that. Playing 8 tables at once I could do maybe 600-700 hands in an hour, in which case it is pretty easy to get in 3k hands. Maybe 2k/3k hands we'll see how busy the games are.

In terms of bankroll management, I think I will probably start taking shots at PLO $100 at $2500, just adding in one table and then as my bankroll grows I will add in additional tables of PLO $100 if the game is good.

I might add in some app play. We'll see what happens.

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