Global Poker is BS now, too

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Global Poker is BS now, too

Confirmed. Set over set, AA vs KK lost, 90% beat after 90% beat. They will NOT let you win anything on here.

It's EVERY US site following the same pattern now. Win too much too fast and then it's just blackballed for 20k hands.

I mean, at this point I probably haven't made a profit in 10k hands and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing.

With the latest posts on 2p2 and my experiences for the last ~2.5 months, I almost don't even want to play anymore. It's really, really old now.

You're really NOT allowed to win anything. Everybody who's not a bot at the tables complains about the same thing, and then the table dies. I've been as patient as any reasonable person could be here and it's blatantly obvious that if I spend another 2 years on this - I'll never make any money. I don't really know what else to say other than that new players should avoid making new deposits. Totally not worth it.

edit: This site, too - 2 weeks and one set. One. And guess what? Lose set over set to a huge, huge whale. It's so obvious at this point what goes on that this is why the traffic is so low. Nobody sticks around for this nonsense very long.

4 hours wasted again tonight. Going to go drink and have fun. Seriously - I'm playing really well right now and it's crystal clear that the better I play, the colder the deck gets. It's always 2-3 hours of card death and then AA vs the worst player on earth who's 50bb's deep and he hits his set on the all in with 12-18% equity. Reload - preflop raise against a fish, cbet, barrel turn, bad card comes on riv - check - he hit that card. I mean, over and over and over. Then - set over set vs another guy who's lost multiple BI's. Then you'll see a new player come and sit down with 100bb's and the first hand he gets dealt in the bb is AA vs another (not me) solid player's KK. Again, always spots that nobody's folding and yet you're going to lose your stack in. It's truly unbelievable that this goes on to the extent it does here in 2019 but Global's an American company. There's nothing we can do about the offshores but we can definitely report this site to the appropriate places. It's insane how much of a ripoff these sites have become between the bots, the house players, the collusion, and the overly obvious rigged rng's. And now you're banned if you write an email or text live chat with your concerns? What's left to say ....? Well, one thing's left to say: I doubt I'll ever meet someone who admits they work for BOL, or WPN, or Ignition, etc. They're offshore sites. But Global? I meet someone in person who admits they work for Global, and I'm emptying their pockets on the spot, and then stripping them naked and selling their cloths. I can guarantee that lol.

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