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Goal for 2019: Be a balanced pokerpro

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Goal for 2019: Be a balanced pokerpro

Hello Everyone.

I decided to start new blog for 2019, since its annoying to scroll trough long threads on RIO.

Some of you might know who i am, so feel free to skip this part. For others, i am Toni, Finnish poker player, playing 200z at pokerstars. I have played full time around two years (if i recall correctly), but have been playing poker since the good old WPT and poker boom times. Even though having played poker that long, i still have passion for the game. I notice it when i take longer breaks, since after the break im always very eager to get back and just play poker.

Results for the last 2 years

Last year was a big step forward for me. Not only moving up im limits, but overall i felt very proud what i was doing and how i did it. I was able to overcome obstacles that i thought were almost impossible for me, and just made a lot of progress overall. In poker the biggest jump was moving up from 100z to 200z and achieving descent winrate there. Moving up has been a big challenge for me in my past, so achieving that was huge for me mentally.

So, what to expect from this blog?

Same answer as last time, no idea. This blog is mainly just my random thoughts that i feel need to let out. So very messy, very little real content, just random button clicking (like my game). Somehow people have found it interesting (which i still wonder), so if its +EV for me and maybe +EV for you, why not.

Goals for 2019

Be a balanced pokerpro. What does that mean, im not even 100% sure myself. At least for me its ability to keep poker and all other areas of life somehow in order. Ability to get destroyed at tables and still spend a nice evening with girlfriend, friends or with family. Ability to put in the work on and off from poker tables, even though your mind wants you to drink beer and play video games. Ability to enjoy the benefits that come from being self-employed.

No something concrete:

  • 550k hands
  • Most of the volume @ 200z
  • Keep mind open for moving up and/or playing regular tables at other sites
  • Winrate goal 4-10bb/100 (around 95% chance w current winrate)
  • Monetary goal 44k-110k $ (same as above)

Thats enough to get things started. Good luck for poker year 2019!

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