Goal: Leaving Microstakes this year

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Goal: Leaving Microstakes this year

Hi Community,

the last 15 months I documented my journey in the blog: Goal: Playing like a man. I had often a hard time especially in the first months having a lot of physical issues (including surgery on ellbow). Fate turned around at December though and the door to a lot of possible poker success opened and also my physical issues get better from day to day.

So now it is time to open a new chapter in the book "Fulfilling your poker dreams". I have learned an awsome lot in the last 8 months and achieved an alltime Bankroll high of approx. 2.500,00 EUR. Now it is time to get my feet wet on NL50. If I win 2k Dollar I will move up to NL100.
If variance will be on my side I guess it is possible to play the first hands of NL100 in September. As also mentioned in the old blog I am planning to reduce my working hours soon, which would make it much easier to play enough hands per months.

I will try to play 3 sessions for the next weeks every day (and analyse every session in the evening with GTO+ and hopefully a little help of my coach if necessary). Using GTO+ more is something I really want to get to. Reasoning: I want to become better in GTO-Play and study more in general. Knowing whats the GTO-Play and whats best against the Populations disbalances would make my Live Play Videos much better I guess. And it will show me areas that I can improve on.

First session 7am - 8pm before my daily work starts- this gets more difficult/impossible though when my home-office ends the next weeks.
Second session 4pm-5pm and third session 7pm-8pm. 8pm-9pm Postsession analysis.

The sessions I miss I have to play at Weekend. So I am able to play 20k Hands rougly which is realistic number as a fulltime worker.

Side Goals: doing bodyweight training every second day at least. I really want to improve my nutrition and eat more vegetable and consume less milk products. I already started drinking green tea instead of coffee. I will be not too strict with this. One cup of black coffee per day is allowed.

During the week i will leave the Computer at 9pm. TV time will end at 10pm. Reason for this is my bad sleep quality. So after 10pm only meditation, reading books and light stretching for my back. 11pm is bed time. I should be able to get up at 6am then.

Good luck at the tables and stay healty.



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