Has Anyone Played On KingsClubPkr?

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Has Anyone Played On KingsClubPkr?

This is a web browser based site where you play on credit. The games as expected are incredibly soft even at 5-10 with an ante.

I'm very concerned about the legitimacy of the games however. I play primarily HU online to avoid collusion which I see as a serious issue. I'm playing PLO so the few bots I do encounter (I believe there is at least one on ACR) I actually welcome as they are not particularly strong. My winrate on ACR is over 10bb/100 at high stakes on ACR.

This isn't a disguised bad beat story. I've played HS for years, understand the swings in HUPLO and have played around with variance calculators. I have also been colluded against on Bovada years ago and understand that RNGs are difficult to rig especially without the consent of the operator.

What I have observed: I'm about breakeven on this site over 30k hands. No big deal, really small sample. Most tables are run it twice however. There are a number of players who are clearly losing and I have beaten. There's one strong player on the site that I won't battle with due to high rake.

There are two fish that regularly want to play me HU and I have played most of those 30k hands against them. Its hard to know exactly, but I probably between 60-80 buyins under ev against them. Again this is a lot, but plausible. What worries me most is that players like this (3B 35%+, slow playing some AA pre, linear betting ranges, rarely bluffing rivers) seem to play almost everyday and have not yet gone broke. Certainly it's plausible that they are just that loaded or are some how beating another player, but it's not super likely. It's also possible that they are purely staying afloat because of the way they are running against me and will quickly bust when the luck levels out.

I do get called when I have value OTR so unless they are clever enough to "throw" some hands, I'm probably not getting superused. The only way they could be cheating then is to somehow know what board cards are coming.

Questions I have:

Generally, how do the RNGs on poker sites work? If when you get your cards pre the RNG already knows what board cards were coming that would make cheating with help from the operator more plausible. If the cards are generated randomly after each street, then the above concern is less plausible.

At what point, do you pass on a goldmine because the chances of being cheated are just too high?

Again, I'm not looking for sympathy. I've been been through a lot in poker and understand the game and variance pretty well. My intuition is telling me that something strange is happening on this site mostly based around the point of fish not going broke. I'm interested to hear your thoughts, thanks

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