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Hey RIO, need advice for moving abroad!

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Hey RIO, need advice for moving abroad!

Hello everyone, hope you're doing well.

I've been a poker pro living in France for several years now, but I've reached the limit of being milked there (pbbly one of the most expensive country poker-wise with high rake and taxes). Adding to that, I can't play on .com websites but am limited to .fr networks.
There are several places where one can play live, but the rake is very high (usually 4% uncapped, in Paris 30€/hr).

Sooo, now I'm ready to make a change and go elsewhere.

What I'm looking for:
- access to .com
- low or no taxes for poker winnings (I'm not against it per se, it's just that in France I pay close to 45% of my winnings, and that increases my stress level a bunch)
- a "good" country, in the sense that you can live there, enjoy a city, but also go in nature. Basically looking for balance: after several years of making a living out of poker, balance one's life is one of the most important aspect of surviving AND being happy. I have a proposition to be roommate with a good friend and excellent MTT player in Malta, and working as a team is very appealing to me ; but I feel Malta will be limited for me as it's small, there's not much to do except the beach (I'm more a mountain / forest guy haha), and there is no live game (maybe 1/2€, but that's too small).
- ideally, a place where I can play live for decent enough stakes (2/4+, up to 10/20)

I'm looking forward any advice you guys could have! Cheers

PS: I'm gonna add that if some people are interested in sharing a grind house, I'm up to try, so feel free!

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