How do you proceed?

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How do you proceed?

Looking to see how others deal with this situation.

I am working on my mental game a lot recently as it is one of the biggest parts of my game that is holding me back from moving up.

Started a session today just after lunch and in the first 100-200 hands i was down 3 stacks in my cash game.
All pretty standard spots imo.. AA got cracked by KK preflop... Lost set over set.. then lost a flop with AKs to TT pre-flop against a recreational player.
After having a very good session yesterday(+8 stacks) it hurt.. now i didn't let it piss me off or cause me to spew..was just frustrated/annoyed more than anything.

Do u guys take a much longer break.. Go for a walk.. Stop playing for the entire day?
I understand things like this is going to happen from time to time..just looking for ways to help deal with it.

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