HUSNG Challenge: Part II

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HUSNG Challenge: Part II

Hey Everyone,

0_Sum here with another HUSNG challenge. If you followed my last journal at all (HUSNG Challenge: to Hush the Haters), you’ll know that I went from 0-€100 starting out with a handful of .50 tickets in just two weeks, which I think pretty well fulfilled its purpose of proving the lowest buy-in microstakes games not only beatable but very profitable indeed!

In the same vein, I’m launching yet another HUSNG challenge, though this time it will be of a larger scope and with fewer restrictions. I really enjoyed the idea that even a few people were following along and felt good about posting my results through the ups and downs, so here I am for round two!

The Challenge
€99.87 to €500

The Site

The Player

The Goal
To put in a lot of focused volume, ultimately building up a bankroll and a strategy sufficient to transition successfully from the micro to the low stakes.

The Gameplan
I’m going to start out one-tabling the €3 tables. Contrary to my previous challenge, I will not restrict myself to reg speeds but will instead play both reg speeds (6-minute blind levels) and turbo (3-minute blind levels). Nor will I restrict myself to playing strictly NLHE this time around; I’ll definitely look to work in some PLO and PLO5 HU tourneys should the opportunity present itself, which it certainly will. Similar to the last challenge, I will refrain from playing hyper turbos (3-minute blind levels with 25BB starting stacks) and will stick to 75BB starting stacks.

Due to being a relatively low-traffic site, even after the inclusion of Spanish and Portuguese player pools, there are actually quite a few solid, winning players starting at the €3’s and especially at the €5’s, which means I will need to be more conservative with my bankroll and potentially spend significant time studying their games instead of putting in mass volume. I will move up in stakes when I have 40 buy-ins of the next level up and move down when I have 30 buy-ins at that same level. This means that my decision to start out at the €3’s with only €100 is a risky one, and I will likely have to move down immediately provided that I don’t run really well from the git-go.

Because this one is going to take a while, I will plan to update every Wednesday and Sunday with graphs and selected hand reviews after my sessions.

The Time Limit
The challenge is over when I go busto or when there is at least €500 in my account, including any weekly bonuses I may receive. That said, I will try to put in a decent amount of volume each day (at least 20 tourneys) so as not to drag this out forever.

Wish me luck, and keep an eye out for my first update here within the next few days!

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