HUSNG Challenge: to Hush the Haters

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HUSNG Challenge: to Hush the Haters

Hey Everyone,

I’m launching a little HUSNG challenge and invite you to follow along!

I’m aware HU play in general is not the most popular these days, nor are SNG’s—especially not on this site. That said, I was shocked to see some of the recent posts in the SNG forum and feel that HUSNG's were grossly misrepresented by a couple of members.

They are a fun and exciting form of poker which allow you to hone your skills in a setting with very wide ranges. They do offer plenty of room for edge, despite the relatively high rake these days, and HU cash is still where the true end bosses battle it out at even the highest of stakes.

They are, and forever will be, my game of choice.

The Challenge
0 to €100, playing strictly HUNL SNG’s.

The Site

The Player

The Goal
To assess the current state of microstakes HUNLHE SNG’s and, ultimately, to prove that they are beatable.

To post hands in order to generate follower discussion and get feedback on range construction, frequencies, exploitative adjustments, population tendencies, and metagame implications, all the while using RIO coaching material to help shape our arguments and discussions.

The Standards
No depositing. I will get started using 10 tickets for the .50 cent games.

The Gameplan
I’ll start out one-tabling the regular speeds (5-minute blind levels) and possibly start playing the turbos (3-minute blind levels) when I have a little wiggle room.

I will move up in stakes as soon as I have 20 buy-ins of the next stake up and move down if I lose 5 buy-ins at that level. The progression up through the stakes will look something like this:

.47 +.03  €20 (40 buy-ins)
.94 + .06  €40 (20 buy-ins)
1.88 +.12  €60 (10 buy-ins)
2.82 + .18 €100 (14 buy-ins)

I will also plan to update with a graph here every 50 tournaments or so in order to show how things are progressing.

The Time Limit
The challenge is over when I go busto or when there is at least €100 in my account. That said, I will try to put in a decent amount of volume each day (10-15 tourneys while one-tabling) so as not to drag this out forever.

Wish me luck, and keep an eye out for my first update here within the next few days!

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