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I made some training software

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I made some training software

So I started teaching myself to program because I like to learn new things and because I thought I saw a potential space to fill in terms of how to get better at poker. There really aren't any worthwhile software programs that help you specifically target the skills you use in poker in a repetition drill like format so that you can efficiently practice those skills. So I made a go at making one. Its still really basic, but I have a lot of stuff I plan to implement and that can eventually help even highly skilled players.

right now the only active training modes are

outs and odds - Basically, how many outs do you have to beat another hand, and given those outs what are your odds of making one of those hands

pot odds and equity - just what the name implies, what are your pot odds, and how much equity do you need to call

stack sizes on future streets - This one helps you plan your bet sizes, will give you a situation and then ask you what you need to bet (or raise) to have a certain stack size left on a future street

Preflop ranges - Gives you a hand and asks you what % range it is in. This one needs a bit of prefacing tho, in that opening ranges and hand rankings are subjective. While a hand like A2s is in the opening range from lots
of people with a 15% UTG open in 6max, its not going to be found in the
top 15% on a rankings chart, or a hand like 22 is going to be opened in
ranges much much tighter than the 40-50% many rankings put it in. Still
I think its a good practice to get familiar with how hands are
distributed and how far apart some hands are in the general ranking of
hands. Its not meant to be directly translated into "I see on my HUD he
opens 25% from the CO, and I know the top 25% of hands, so I know all
the hands in his range".

also a note about the difficulty setting, it doesn't make any of the modes harder, it just changes how close you have to be to the answer in order to get credit for being correct (I plan to implement tracking, so that you can see improvement over time)

There are also quite a few bugs (its my first program, go easy on me :)), the biggest one being that currently, once you deal a hand, you have to finish answering the questions for that hand before you change modes. Also the graphics are all placeholders (just a stars theme) and the UI is pretty generic.

I still thought even tho its pretty rough and basic right now, that some people mind find some use with it, so I thought id post it.

warning - If you haven't already thought of it, then its something you should be more aware of, but if you do download and install this, you are basically trusting me, someone you don't know in the slightest, to not also be installing some sort of trojan or other malicious things that I could then use to empty your accounts or steal your hole cards. This is something you should ALWAYS be aware of for ANY software you install on the same computer you player poker on. I haven't done that (If you saw my code you'd instantly know I don't even have the technical ability, lol), but basically all you have is my word. If you are ever unsure about a piece of software and you don't have the technical ability to tell if its malicious yourself, you should be extremely cautious. Don't install it on the computer you play from, and don't trust a random stranger to tell you its ok.

If I haven't scared you out of installing it and you do give it a go, I am open to all questions and comments. I don't really have any ego about any of this, so all criticisms are welcome, if you think something about it sucks and isn't useful or could be done better don't be bashful about telling me (while I don't have an ego, I do have feelings, so if you could try and make it constructive, that would at least be helpful :))

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