If Im wasting my time ?

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If Im wasting my time ?


Guys Im always typing long topics so nobody almost is even going to read that.
So Im going to rather type a short one.

I had probably big mental issue. I played up to nl50 (be) even shots for nl100 without success years ago. I had braks from poker due to my studies and also transition to MTTs. Im no longer a winning player. And thats sad. Now I have to play micro cash nl5 FF. I cant even win there constantly even if I feel comfortable with knowladge and other stuff. The matter I am worrying about is that, I cant respect stakes which Im playing right now. It is no longer exciting for me. I can stay focused for 1 hour maybe. If I win big I start to think I can do everything. If Im loosing Im doubting myself and throwing money away coz for me is worth "nothing". It is not even about money its about something more.
Micro is too much variance and I cant play turbo nitty solid strategy to overcome this shiit.

Should I start playing highier even if I would be be or slightly loosing in this case ?


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