Im A Big Boy's 100k Challenge

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Im A Big Boy's 100k Challenge

Hi There,

Quick Introduction: My Name is Ivan, I am 26 and I am currently living in Austria. I turned Poker Pro after quitting my economic degree in January 2020. I am mainly a Cash Game player and currently and beating and playing Rush n Cash NL200 on GG (if you play this pool i guess you know me.) I am very happy that I reached my goal of being a Pokerplayer, but as you guys know its not always easy. I really love the game and I think I am kind of talented at it, but I lack of discipline and good routines, I guess: I busted big parts of my roll with high variancse buy ins in MTTs, played Cash Game for too long without breaks, played in a bad mood, didnt warm up consistently and was doing way to little theory. All that should be changed now :) !
That's the reason why I start this blog, in order to keep myself disciplined, monitor my routines and results and discuss hands with you guys.

I start with 10k on GG where I will mainly play Cash Game and add some very small MTTs on the side (25$, occ. 50$) and the Day 1s and I ll have a little a MTT Account on Stars which I ll use on sundays.

My Goals:
- To reach 100k at begin of 2022
- Since monetary goals are difficult to reach I mainly want to focus on good routines (pre and post session) which includes:
- Warm Up: Solve Hands with GTO Wizard, watch Vids on RIO or share Hands in here.
- Cool Down: Export all the HH from Pokercraft to HM3 and share results & thoughts in here and write down the things I did wrong so I can read the list the next day before my session (I have that Idea from Pads :))
- Meditate each morning after getting up.
- Exercice daily (min. 100 Push Ups and I am happy ;) )
- Get Up at before 10am during weekdays
- Grinding MTTs only and Sundays (maybe Saturday), apart of some low stake tourneys and Days 1 during Week. But main Focus are Cash Games.

Here s the excel sheet where I update my results, monitor my personal progress and share my theory notes:

I am looking forward to going this journey together with you guys.

Cheers, Ivan.

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