I'm lookin' for change. I'm searchin' for change.

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I'm lookin' for change. I'm searchin' for change.


Of course you don't give a damn about me (who, what, when, where, how, why) and my hypothetical wife and four children))
I appreciate your respected precious time, let's get to the essence of the blog:

The goal is to reduce the duration of sleep from 8 to 3 hours.

I will reduce it by 5 minutes a day.
I’ll be blogging for four months (two months, during the completion of the goal, and two months after)
Reports every day / two.

I believe that the greatest accomplishments begin with clear goals and masterly time management.

I have a clearly inspiring goal, now I’ll take care of time.
I feel that the main key to time management is sleep.
Let's start with sleep.

I take determination, discipline and strong will on the road.
For how long they will last, we'll see.

I will try to do my best!

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