Interesting Pokerstars Michigan decision

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Interesting Pokerstars Michigan decision

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Date: Thursday, May 13, 2021
To: [email protected]

Ok. So I go on a nice poker and blackjack run.

In the live chat box , I said hey , can I have a max bet limit on blackjack while I apply for this relief program?

They then proceeded to ban me for life on Pokerstars Michigan and Pokerstars!

I have been a poker pro for over 4 years.

I need help from the poker community.

The details of the story are below.

This is outrageous. I should never be banned for life over this.


I feel I am being discriminated against. I have done well with poker and I have been a professional at it for 4 years.

In April of this year, I went on a nice 3500 to 4000$ blackjack and poker winning streak.

On April 5 I had applied for extra bi polar benefits because of covid 19

from the state of Michigan.

One rule of the benefits program was I was not allowed to have over 2500$

This was the only reason why I over gamboled.

If I was to be accepted for the benefits program, I would get 8 to 12,000$ Every year for awhile
I have proof of all of this.

This lifetime ban is never going to hold up.
I over gamboled 1 time because I was applying for a covid 19 relief program.
If I would have left the money in my account there, I would have been lying to the government.

If I would have cashed it out, I would have hurt my chances of getting the extra 8-12,000$ in yearly benefits.

I or my lawyer can show you my application.
I was not allowed to have over 2500$ in the bank while I was applying for the relief program!
This is a government rule!

( My application process was from January 8 through April)

My accounts need to be reinstated soon.

I have over 130,000$ in profits from poker before paying taxes.
I can verify this.
This is not right.

Please unban me soon.
Me and my lawyer need to know where we can file an appeal if you don’t want to unban me for life.

This is very unfair. No courtroom would allow you to ban me for life over this!
This will not be upheld in the courtroom.

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