It's Time

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It's Time

I have always thought differently from those around me. I have always done things different from those around me as well. Day after day I am bored and unsatisfied with how my 20's have gone so far. I'm 28 now, nearing 29 and I want to take my life in a different direction. Buckle down with the decision to make poker my go-to option for creating a better life for myself.

I choose poker not only because I truly enjoy playing the game, but more from the aspect of the harder I work at it, the more I can earn from it in the long-term. I've always wanted to pursue something other than a 9-5 lifestyle. Depending on the job, you tend to get little recognition and increased financial compensation for doing your best each day. With poker, that can change dramatically from how you study, the more hours you put in, overall volume in both areas.

Another aspect that poker can bring that I like is that it can allow you to be your own boss. Set your own schedule and treat the game like a business itself. If you treat it like a business, which in cases it can be, you'll have a more disciplined approach playing it.

I can't state why people tend to dive into playing poker for a main source of income. Everyone has their own reasoning. For me, my reasoning is that poker would be, as far as I currently know and regarding my current situation, the best way for me to earn a substantial amount of money without having to break my back at a manual labor type job or work a low hourly wage desk job doing some type of clerical work, which I've done both. I know that if I can maintain a healthy lifestyle while pursuing my goals with poker, my life can turn around in a better way. This is a long-term approach I'm looking at. I'm willing to put in the many hours to achieve this lifestyle that I crave: One which holds enough financial security in order for me to enjoy life the way I want to without being pulled down or overly pressured with lack of money to do so. I know money isn't everything in life, but it is a tool to keep maintaining a life and enough of those tools in the toolbox can build you something you've always wanted.

My overall vision is to continue to earn enough money both through my real-life job and through poker to give me a chance to make poker a full-time option for me. After living expenses are in order and enough money saved away from work and poker, poker will be my full-time job. My goal is by the time I'm 30 years old, I will be a full-time poker player.

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