Konnichiwa RIO, Goodbye Low stakes!

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Konnichiwa RIO, Goodbye Low stakes!

Hello everyone! I'm Tibby and as some of you might be noticed from the title, I'm a Japanese poker player who is currently on the way to moving up to Mid stakes. I started playing poker back in 2010 and finished my bankroll challenge from $50 to $1,500 in a couple of years. After that, I wasn't playing much but poker was always in my heart somewhere deep inside. At the end of 2020, I've started my poker journey again and this time, I am fully committed to going dive into this wonderful path and I need your support!

As you may guess, the Japanese poker scene is still very small due to the country's regulation (It's not illegal but also isn't clearly legal), so I've decided to join this community which was created by the people who are nothing but pursuing greatness in poker. I would like to treat this thread as my "campfire" where I can come back from my battle to discuss, relax and enjoy the comradery.

So I welcome all kinds of comments from poker advice to question about Japanese culture. I love to connect with you guys any way I can and share my experience as well. Here are things about me.

  • Early 30s. Living in Japan but planning to move to Canada early next year (I graduated from a Canadian College)
  • Currently playing NL50 at Unibet, taking a shot at NL100 on a weekend.
  • Pretty good at FIFA (Top 500 in the world at H2H), Plays Warzone occasionally.
  • Not so much into anime. The only things I loved were Naruto and Death Note.
  • A movie freak. I love western movies! Not so much anymore but back in 2014, I watched over 200 movies in one year.

I'm looking forward to having a conversation with you guys ;) Talk to you soon!

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