Last Journey, Last chance to succeed!

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Last Journey, Last chance to succeed!

The purpose of this blog is to look forward to my progress at my game.
My name is Kenji, I'm from Peru and I play microstakes MTT at the level between $0.55 to $5.50 using a 300 Buyin as a bankroll.

I had been a member of RIO Essential since June 2018. I watched around 10 videos, most from Owen Shiels, I recognized that I was making a lot of mistakes, like playing passively, size bets and continuation bets.
I took June as a rest of Poker and grind as most as I could do in July, I was able to play 452 tournaments even tho I got a full-time job (I could achieve to grind this volume cause we have like 3 holidays at this month).

I decided to quit my job but at the end of this year, to give myself a chance to become a professional poker player in the future, Why do I wait till the end of this year? Well just to save money in case I don't succeed. This gonna be my last shot at poker.
I'm really happy with this decision, really hyped about it.
But for now, I will grind as much as I can do to prepare myself to become one of the best.

So the results of July are here.

I have some goals for August
- Play 300 tournaments
- Post every single day I play
- Watch 2 videos per week
- Do a schedule for September (30 free days - 30 grind days) :)

Hoping this month goes better :)

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