Learning PLO 2019

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Learning PLO 2019

Hey guys, what's up

I decided to open up a thread there, as I did almost 10 years ago when I was a total beginner at NL and playing at the micros and to be honest it kind of gives me the same feeling I had back then being new to the game and I am very excited to update this thread regularly and share with you guys my experience with learning PLO. I decided to open up the thread here on RIO since I will watch a bunch of PLO vids from the site's owner

I always wanted to learn PLO for years but every time I started learning it was such a massive confusion and a big headache that I never managed to follow through with it and remained at NL-FISH level on this game. That's going to change in 2019 and I WILL LEARN PLO and I will move up in stakes, hopefully play some nl400-600-1000 as a reg??? mmm that sounds so good since I actually fired up some 400 tables and lost more than 150bbs at nonsd on a really small sample (i really don't know what i'm doing) but overall was lucky to be over aiev and win a bit

basically all I currently know about the game is some common sense preflop stuff and some postflop total random things I picked up over the years randomly watching plo
a small list of things from my PLO 6-max game:

  • Fold trips preflop, disconnected hands and low cards.
  • fold small pairs and small suited hands as you will get coolered postflop by better stuff
  • fold medium pairs even up to QQxx if other cards suck
  • KKxx open every time from any position???? not sure what to do with kinds
  • always 3bet AAxx but not stackoff randomly postflop if dangerous boards come ip
  • double suited rundowns are a very strong hand preflop

so this is the level I'm at.

I have $100 on stars and I will start playing PLO25z, trying to run it up from there and make a challenge for myself let's say run it up to $10k? i guess that will be solid proof I'm somewhat of a winner in PLO

I will come back later and post some hands I played, would really appreciate some feedback

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