Let's approach this game like an athlete

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Let's approach this game like an athlete

Hi RUI community, I just bought "From The Ground Up" Course + got Esential Subscription - Looking forward to put in practise what I learned and will learn.

My end goal is to beat nl5(8bb/100) and nl10(6bb/100), I would love to get in CFP program and get some staking deal for nl25 or nl50 with some good coach.

This Journey will be more focused on executing my set processes - how I struggle and overcome, what motivates/ gets unmotivated. Do I loose discipline and where ? All this I will be written down here. Maybe it relates to you ? I hope this blog will help other grinders or maybe you see some flaws in my approach ?
Please comment guys and join with me in this awesome journey. I will appreciate anyone who comments/support and criticises.

I will post my graph only at the end of month (8 of August). But here is so far my NL2(EV 13bb/100) NL5(EV 6bb/100) where I started to feel skill gap in playerpool or maybe it is just my mental game lacking.

I will be 4 tabling regular tables 8h a day for a month.
Morning session: 8am-12:30pm (4 sessions with 5min breaks)
Evening session 7pm-11.30pm (4 sessions with 5min breaks)
I setup these short 1h sessions with 5min break as my focus will be at max.

Afternoons will be chill for me as I get afternoon slump. I might take a nap, exercise, study, review hands. Visualisation for next session. I don't want to in afternoon execute high focus tasks as I feel not in zone. Main focus will be executing my set proceses at my peak energy which is mornings and evenings. If someone wants to make some study/sweat sessions together, PM.

So here are my processes:
Processes in-game
1.Table selection
2.Follow ranges you supposed to play at your limit.
3.Hand strengths/assessing a board.
3.1 Make a plan for your hand as a line postflop
3.2 Size of pot you wanna play
4.Follow blindly these rules
4.1Fold all TP and Overpairs to XR and R - population don't bluff enough
(I will review these type of hands with forum help)
4.2 Don't tripple barel bluff - population don't fold enough
(I will review these type of hands with forum help)
4.3 Don't bluffcatch tripple barels - population don't bluff enough
4.3.1 Always ask this question OTR when facing tripple Can villain valuebet worse then your hand?
(I will review these type of hands with forum help)

5. Try to implement 1 topic "From the Ground UP" into our game.
5.1 I will do a homework before evening session - 1 topic a day.

Away from table:
1.Post all hands in forum after my 2nd session and go sleep.
1.2 Your folds vs XR and R (TP and Overpairs)
1.3 Hands you wanted to tripple barel but didn't
1.4 VS 3 barels wanted bluffcatch/bluffcatched (river bluffcatch spots in general)
1.5Preflop adjustments you made.
1.6Hands from the Ground Up topic.
2. In the morning when I am fresh review hands

1.From the Ground Up Course
1.2 Study one topic afternoon.
1.2.1 Go through your database with particular topic.

Mental Game:
A) We stricly follow these processes and if something doesn't work we adjust away from tables.
As long we executed our process it is a successful day.
B) Session prep before morning session and evening session
*Review our processes
*Hows your mood level? Too high / too low or medium ?
*Adjust with music.

Thank you for any support.

Here is a bit about myself, I m 29 years old from Latvia and living in UK. I hope poker is my ticket back to Latvia(or other countries) as jobs are not so high paid and I haven't find anything more interesting then poker anyways. I m working as a chef in UK but in free time I love skateboarding as my sport activity. Here are some vids:
If anyone here is from UK would be great to have new friends in this lockdown situation haha.

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