Lifetime Journey to Learning Poker

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Lifetime Journey to Learning Poker

Hey Guys,

For quite some time, I wanted to start a thread in RIO to stay in touch with the community and share my thoughts, so I finally decided to go for it. I will take a minute to introduce myself and then follow with the rest of the thread.

I am Tadas, a poker player from Lithuania. I play this game since 2010 when I visited WSOP for the first time and decided to take it more seriously. I had many ups and downs over the years, had many different coaches, studied all sorts of training materials, and played from live games to various formats online. I also became a coach and started my poker blog, where I devoted a lot of my time and energy.

When I launched my site, I was actively coaching others but discontinued doing it, and lost a part of the pulse from the players. I want to regain that by chatting with the vivid community, so I feel that Run It Once is the right place for that.

Why I am writing this post

You can find plenty of strategy posts (not even talking about the videos on RIO alone), so I will not be repeating what was discussed many times over. I will not be talking about the strategy part, stakes, results, volume, etc.

Instead, I want to share my thought and hear what you think about growing mental capacity when progressing as a poker player. I will share my mistakes over the years, and what I would do differently if I had to start it all over again. Hopefully, we can make some conclusions and boost progress.

The biggest mistakes I made when I started

• I played different formats and jumped from one game to another way too often.
• I ignored the mental part of the game and tilted (spewed) a lot of money.
• I didn’t invest in my training and took it seriously way too late.
• I did not research where to play online and just jumped to the biggest site (costly mistake).
• I wasted a lot of time while consuming random content without an actual plan on how to study.
• I didn’t table select well because I thought I could beat anyone and lost a ton of EV because of it.

My goals

I will return to this tread and break down each of these mistakes with a separate post, but meanwhile, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Are you guilty of any of these sins?
What else is holding you back?

Share your thoughts, and we can take the discussion from there. Let's make 2020 the best year ever!!!

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