Living as a Pro

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Living as a Pro

Hey guys, im 25y old and live in Germany.

I beat currently the midstakes 100-600nl ( i play all tables when they are running )
Last few months i made about 7,5k a month with rakeback (~100k hands a month) and im just unsure what to do now.

I guess i have to leave Germany in order to live from poker without doing illegal stuff..

But where to go?


I heared in this german podcast ( that Austria also take taxes on Poker, so i don't understand why so many people moved to austria to make a living by poker.
Maybe someone from who's currentl living in Austria can give me some Info.


Relatively far away from Germany and ofc mainlanguage is NOT german (^^) - thats a big problem for my Girlfriend. :/

I saw that they have also taxes for Poker, but i've read a post on 2+2 that the most poker players just don't care.. But why? should be illegal right?

Any infos?

Would be great if some midstakes/highstakes player or just any Pro could give me some infos how they live..

thanks in advance!

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