looking for good regs to practice hu

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looking for good regs to practice hu


I recent bought Doug Polker's HU course and for a variety of other reasons as well I want to work on improving my HU game. To that end, I'm looking for regs to practice HU against. 6max regs, HU regs, whatever. I play 500nl-2k 6max/SH on U.S. sites -- my only statistically significant sample is 300k+ hands at 500nl with 5.7bb WR. My HU game is prob pretty average. I can definitely hold 200nl lobbies on ACR if I sit them. Maybe 400 as well. At 600 I will definitely get sat.

In my view there's no point in paying rake to play HU, I'd rather find a player of my similar ability level to practice with. We can do couple hours a week in the mornings or something and maybe discuss some hands as well. I'm open to doing play money or whatever. If we feel there's a need for a financial incentive we can do that, it doesn't matter. Or we can just play 100nl or whatever, idc, the point is I'm not playing 400nl+ losing poker + paying rake.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you're interested. Ideally we will be of similar ability level as that will be most +EV for both of us but I am open to all queries and if you are better than me that would be obv be awesome for me.

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