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Making A Million | A Poker Detox HSNL Journal

I'm a $10/20 online grinder with an aspiration for 7 figure profits by the time I quit poker. This journal will catalog that process.

My name's Matt and I'm a contracted player for Poker Detox's Coaching for Profits stable run by Nick Howard. I joined the team in September of 2018 at 100nl and moved up to 1000nl within 6 months. I've stayed at HSNL since then, exclusively playing $10/20 at this point. I also helped start the "Peer to Peer Coaching" program in the company and work as a coach to help players in the program move forward. I mainly work with players from 50nl-500nl.


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China Apps (250,000 RMB = ~$35,000 USD))
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Seeing all this happen has felt like the poker dream after 9 years of sputtering around at SSNL. I always felt like I had potential to be a great player, but it took finding the right tribe and methodology to make that happen.

I'm currently 28 years old and don't plan on grinding poker forever, but I think hitting $1mm since starting with Detox would be a good minimum goal that I'd always be quite proud of. I'll obviously take it a step at a time, but I figured this thread could be helpful to connect with new players outside my circle and reinforce that the poker dream is still alive.

I'll be using this journal to periodically share results at major milestones, offer thoughts about poker and being a professional, and talk mindset. I'm unlikely to discuss much strategy, but it'll likely be funneled into mindset if I do.

Wish me luck. :D

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