Midstakes & Content Creation 2020/21

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Midstakes & Content Creation 2020/21

G'day everyone,

My name's Harvey, better known as meale on 2+2 and I've decided to create a blog here on Runitonce to get involved in this community and meet and interact with more like-minded people. I've been playing midstakes cash online for the last couple of years and have decided I'm going to begin blogging my journey into the world of poker content creation. I'll be creating liveplay training videos which will be available on my website but also putting out short strategy videos on YouTube every day. This stuff is really really excellent IMO for guys playing 25nl-500nl and I can't wait to share my knowledge of the game with you guys, and hope I can teach ya'll a thing or two!

Every week I also create a "life as an online poker pro" type video which covers more philosophical/organisational/lifestyle topics aimed at helping poker pros get more out of their career and to be more effective professionals. So it's strat vids 6 days a week and one of these vids 1x a week to break things up a bit, I'm sure there'll be something for everyone!

Currently I play 40 hours of poker a week (GG and Bros, mainly 200 atm), study 6 hours a week, and do an hour-90 mins of coaching a week. I'm also in the gym for 2 hours every single day and of course making several training videos a week etc. So I'm pretty busy, which means I'll only be updating this thread once a week with a bit of a weekly roundup type post, letting you guys know how results have been, how I'm feeling, what I'm thinking about, and maybe sharing one or two of my favourite pieces of content from the week.

If it's allowed, I'll leave my YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqTeZ2r2DhaR3YDSuP0IVg
(Mods if not allowed, please remove <3)

Anyway, that's it for now guys! Hope to get to know a few of you and will be checking in here shortly!

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