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Mindgames- Beating myself

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Mindgames- Beating myself


my name is dirk , I am 50 years old and I am a fish.

I think it is very important to be clear about the status quo just to hopefully see somewhere in the future where we came from and how much we improved.

So what kind of fish am I ?

Weak passive fish , volatile , nit fish ?

Well none of those , it even worse ... I am a Mindset fish.

The Problem is that as a Mindset fish i dont have one specific leak in skill like being too passiuve , too aggressive . I would say that I have a somewhat decent theory knowledge which most of the guys / studypatners
I have or had will confirm . I also have a good work ethic I think at least if you consider that I am only a part time grionder with a normal 9-to-5 job.

So what is it that I am leaking ?

Well first of all i have really big issues with Variance

Although I have a strong mathematical background and i understand Variance in principle it doesnt internalizes. This leads to me not handling variance very well
when i drop 4 Buy Ins in a session. This is even more ridiculous if you know my BRM(100 BI+)
I am acutally playing NL25 struggeling to take shots at NL50.

The second leak I found out so far is that I am not executing what I know.

Although I have made a lot of Pool Analyze and i know in which lines vs which Betsizes my Opponents are exploitable I find in game a lot of excuses to differ from my findings.

When it comes to bluff catching it's even worse .

Interestingly I have no issues revieweing hands of me or my friends and come up with pretty good solutions because it's either not my hand or i have the necessary distance to make the right decision.

So why this blog ?

Maybe some of you have the same Problem and we could create a discussion / share thoughts about our problem and try to solve it .

What you can expect here in the future ?

Well I will give an overview on a weekly basis about the state of my mind and will judge my Play on a weekly basis. I try to be as hnoest as I could in this self Analysis

I will also share a monthly graph because everybody likes Graphs / Results .

Other than that I will try to find different angles to come up to a solution for my Problem

So stay tuned for my next post...

Dirk Diggler

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