Most profitable days of the week - most profitable time of the day!?

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Most profitable days of the week - most profitable time of the day!?

first: Not sure if this is the best place for this thread. Move if necessary or there is a better home for this.

I wanted to ask if anyone has extensively studied his own data and analysed winrate per day of the week and/or even per time of day.

AND if so, has therefore heavily adjusted volume-spread /number of tables/cut certain days completely and has therefore measured improved bb/100...!?!

Today out of curiosity I have analyzed my last 100k hands and with around 20k hands per day as a sample (other than mondays: just 10k hands) I have seen a VERY big difference per day:

with, curiously Thursdays having the highest winrate, followed by expectedly sunday, friday, saturday

and basically breaking even/losing on mondays and wednesdays

That weekends are better than mondays/middle of the week are clear but if this sample is enough
(IS IT??)
I should probably skip play on mondays and wednesdays completely (waste of time/time better spent studying/psychological reasons)

curious about the thursdays: Can maybe other middle european players check their stats and see if thursdays are special?!

Maybe a statistical fluke?
Maybe my own state because "weekend friends and parties" are nearer?
Sporting events/paydays on thursdays?!

Are mondays acutally worse in terms of fish population or do you think it rather is my own state of mind? ("sadness" that weekend is over?)

I would be very curious about other larger samplesizes of you guys and if you see similar trends for yourself.

Kind regards so far

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