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My Journey Through the Stakes Journal

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My Journey Through the Stakes Journal

Hey RIO,

I kind of started this in an earlier post but thought I would make it official here. I played my first month of nl50 in April and things really couldn't have went better. I will post my Month's graph in a minute. I played probably 90% of my hands at nl50 and 8% at nl25 w/ the remaining 2% at plo25 where I only lost. My bankroll management has been very strict and I have not cheated once. My rules are that once I have 50 buy ins for a level I can start playing it, if I lose 10 buy ins there I drop back down to the previous level with a very comfy 80 buy ins. So far it has worked very well and the only time I have had to drop back is the first time I made the move from nl10 to nl25.

Here is my Month of April Graph:

My winrate at nl50 is 8.98, (I am very bad at PLO). 

My plans are to keep moving through the stakes. I have kind of a unique situation where I don't have to cash out at all and can use my winnings strictly for growth. Although once I get to being able to play nl100 and feel like I am doing well I am going to cash out some money monthly mainly so I can get an Elite membership here as I feel I am missing a lot of super valuable content. 

I would also like to move out of the U.S. so I can play without too much fear of the government taking away my ability to play. That is not going to happen anytime soon.

I have received some coaching from a very smart math/Game Theory oriented coach who took me from a guy who could beat small live games but was struggling in the 6 max games online to where I am now. However I would like to expand and receive coaching from a couple other guys. Anyone on RIO have a suggestions for a coach with reasonable rates that are affordable for a player playing nl50 and maybe soon nl100?

Anyways this is all for now, I plan on using this thread to post updates and any random thoughts I have on this game we all love. 

My Year to Date Graph: (I was not putting in hardly any volume first 2 months only 25k hands combined those months).


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