Need feedback on my time-manager poker app for live play

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Need feedback on my time-manager poker app for live play

Dear RIO members, I write to all live-players out there. Don't matter if it's cash games or tournaments. Low/high-stakes.

I and a friend have sketched a program/application that is made for optimizing time at a poker table. While there is an idea behind a shot-clocks for live play already my opinion is that there should be a normality to it like in chess or online.

The goal is to give any stake/buy in tournament an easy and accessible way to time-manage without to having to get any special equipment for it as long as all players have a phone. In the worst case scenario you can use an external clock off some sort, but that is an option when there is not phone available for some reason.

As LIVE-players do you relate and agree on above? I mean if it's a club/home-game with the stakes 1-2 or 2-5 there is no reason for why we ALL cannot play maximum amount of hands. If there is a way to make this simple and accessible would you as a player think about trying it?

I want to create a prototype and test it, but as a step before I wanted to ask players what they think in general about using this as a ''normal'' part of the game. Have you tried/heard about anything similar? And what is your experience on that?

If you think this could be something interesting, have suggestions or would like to help me test it even, write! This is not all information but I wanted to reach out to and hear what you think.

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