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New beginnings

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New beginnings

Hey guys! My name is Pedro, I'm a 22 year old poker player living in Brazil. I recently transitioned from MTT's to NL cash and decided to start this blog to share this ''new journey'' with you, create connections with like minded people inside the NLHE cash enviroment (90%+ of the people I know in the poker world are from MTTs), and most important to hold myself accountable with my goals and objectives


I've been playing poker professionally for the last 3 years or so, and after starting playing micro stakes SNG's I also played for a couple of Micro/low stakes brazilian MTT stables (there are a bunch of those around here ).

After a while grinding and struggling through the low stakes MTT world, in March 2019 I joined the Bitb Staking guys and started to play for them, which was without a doubt the turning point for me in my carrer. I'm sure most of you know about Bitb, but they literally are the Best in the bussiness when it comes to staking. The quality of the coaches and the high standards they set for all players builds up to an amazing and motivating community that just makes you want to be better every single day and keep looking for ways to improve.
After 1 year of playing on the Bitb Brazil division of the team (which came to an end in March 2020), I was asked to join the Main Stable, which was always kind of the Elite tier in the Bitb community. It was basically a group of 20 ish very sick players and the best MTT coaches in the world, so I felt extremally fortunate to be able to be a part of that community, and can not even measure how much I've improved as a player during this time.

But sadly, as all great things in life, Bitb came to and end on the last few months of 2020. We still have our community with all the guys and coaches which is very awesome, but they decided to end the whole staking project, so in around November of last year, I started playing on my own for the first time. These were my results while playing for bitb:

Every since I started playing poker professionally, I've always felt atracted to cash games. I definitely enjoyed a lot my time playing MTT's, but the routine, flexibility and freedom of a cash game player was always something I looked up to. I know this debate between MTT vs CG is not new to anyone, and there's definitely no right or wrong answer, but if you've ever played a MTT session you know how brutal it can be to sit down to play and not know if you'll be there for 6, 9 or 14 hours :).

Anyway, having the freedom to play on my own and also this will to pursuit some new challenges, I decided to transition to NL cash and make it as a goal to climb through the stakes this year.


Played a bit of 50nl and 100nl in december, but decided that this month will play 100% of my volume on 50nl and focus on improving and getting used to cash game ranges, which are drastically different from MTTs.
Goals for poker in January are:

--> 50k hands on 50nl

--> Reg tables only (mainly on bodog with some party/gg)

--> 6bb/100 winrate

--> Have all scripts ran on pio for SRP and 3BP by the end of the month

--> Attend to all CNC cash games sesions

By the way, if you guys don't know it yet make sure to check out the CNC project, it's a great place as well to study and improve both for MTT's and cash game players.

That's pretty much it guys, will look to update the blog at least once a week bringing some results and perhabs some interesting spots as well. Cheers and a happy new year to everyone!

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