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Next One Up

Greetings RiO

I've been playing poker on and off for a few years. During covid I managed to get to 100nl and win small over a decent sample. I ended up taking a shot at 200nl and despite it going well I can honestly say I wasn't ready to be a 200nl reg. Could I have eeked out a very small winrate at 200nl? Possibly. But I want to feel confident in my game if I am going to be a regular at a specific stake.

Due to unfortunate circumstances this year I had to withdraw my whole poker bankroll to help pay some bills. I deposited recently with the intention of climbing back up to my previous stakes and beyond. I am Currently playing 25nl
Results so far

Goals for 2023 and beyond

First and foremost is getting healthier. I will continue to eat clean and make time to exercise.
Apply to CFP - I've made initial contact with the target CFP
Beat 25nl - In progress
Beat 50nl - Should be taking shots soon
Beat 100nl - My previous stake where I feel comfortable
Beat 200nl - Very doable
Beat 500nl - Will be hard work, but also doable.
Another goal is to quit my job and go full time with Poker.

I work fulltime and usually play 3-4 hours after I get home and eat dinner.
I have a job with quite a lot of downtime so during those times I study poker related material and also work on my mental game with various resources.

This journal will be for the purpose of cataloging my goals/progress and random bs that comes to mind.

Run it once has a storied history of inspiring threads.
Hopefully mine will be the next one up

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