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NHLE Cash Games - Live/Online Coaching


My name is Adrian Milroy I am Sharknebulah on Pokerstars. I was one of the original Elite Pros on RunitOnce.com and have had a successful poker career for over 10 years playing stakes from 200NL to 2kNL FR and 6max on Pokerstars. I also played live poker up 10/20 NHLE. My career online cash game profits are $1.7+ M and live profits are $200K+.

I have recently retired from playing professionally altogether. I still love the game of poker - playing recreationally and helping new budding poker players is how I’d like to keep up my relationship with the game.

My Coaching Method

I am willing to coach in any way you need help, but I will focus on 2 segments:

In-Game Strategy

Technical: Any in game analysis aspects:
-Broad statistical analysis
-Individual hand history review
-Opponent breakdowns
-Strategies for specific reoccurring spots and board textures
-All of the above vs specific types of opponents

Career Management

Your Poker Career: Anything you do for your game that isn’t related to in-game strategy:
-Daily routine, session routine
-Control methods for emotional swings
-Financial analysis
-Growth plan (moving up stakes, expanding # of tables, etc..)
-Attaining a realistic poker-life balance
-There is so much more to be said here - many skilled players neglect this extremely important part of their poker career and fail because of it.

In either of these segments, my goal is to teach you how to develop these tools and understand the underlying key concepts so that you can deploy and update them yourself.

Who can I be a good fit for?

I am a NHLE cash game specialist, and I have lived an entire poker career. My knowledge and experience would be best suited for:

-A beginner poker pro, or someone wanting to go pro, looking for help and guidance as to what lies ahead
-A seasoned poker pro that could use help with their difficulties, in-game and out.
-An established poker pro looking to optimize their game and poker-life career strategy

Who am I NOT a good fit for?

Players looking for exclusively solver-based coaching:
-I started exiting the game professionally as solvers started were becoming more of an integral study tool. I am familiar with using them and how they work, I just don’t have much experience and wouldn’t be the best fit for a student looking to zero in on that area of the game’s study.
Tournament Players:
-I don’t consider myself a skilled or knowledgeable player in tournaments. I could only help you on the career management side.

My student’s target stakes:

-Online: up to midstakes: $2.5/5 or $3/6 NHLE.
-Live: up to $10/20 NHLE.

My Rates:

-$120/hr USD or $150/hrs CAD
-Package deals available
-Sessions are over Skype in English, but I do speak French as well


If you’re interested, I can be reached at:
[email protected]

We will exchange a couple messages regarding what you’re looking for and how I can help. Once we’ve exchanged enough information and both parties are content, we’ll book the first session.

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