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NL100 - 1k blog

Why the blog

• To be accountable

Goals daily

• Eat well
• Exercise
• Wim Hof breathing
• Cold shower
• Meditation


• Structure
• Increase my study to play ratio

Daily goals which are being done regularly are Wim Hof and cold shower, I'm eating quite good in general but have the occasional sugar fix every few weeks. Meditation and exercise are mostly non-existent, and I think this is very important as a poker player and in general. This needs to change!

Study now is where I need to focus rather than having random days where I study a ton but then don't study for a month, it's all over the place and never consistent. I'm a volume beast mostly and I've been told and read many times this is not the correct approach, yet I still focus more on volume and money!

So, it's time to change my approach and really improve on my game and focus more which means reducing my table count. I will be playing NL100 even though I still have over 10 buy ins shot left for 200 I think this is best right now while I find structure. Don't want to be worrying about not being successful with my 200 shot when there are more important things to be concentrating on right now.

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