NLH to the "Great Game"

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NLH to the "Great Game"

For some background info on me check out my previous journal.

I have wanted to transition into PLO for a long time. However, I have never committed to actually studying the game and giving it a real shot. Every once in a while, I would jump into the PLO streets to grind a couple thousand hands. The swings would be wild, and I would drop this pursuit quickly because of "running bad." I am a pretty big loser at PLO over my 25k hand sample, but I am a big winner over millions of hands at NLH. So why make the switch??

I am making this decision for three reasons. 1.) I have a full time job and there is no way that I can study NLH to the level required to be a high stakes crusher. So unless I plan to quit my job (not happening regardless of money), I will be a mid-stakes grinder for the rest of my career. 2.) I am tired of not being able to play in some of the juiciest games around. In my player pools, online and live, the best games can always be found in the PLO streets. I should be able to jump into a good 500PLO game with multiple fish instead of bum hunting the 1-2 fish in the 500NLH puddle. Game selection is key for a part time grinder. 3.) I like the challenge of learning a new game while I have the time this summer. I basically have all of June and July to study and play PLO before I go back to my full time job. I think I can learn the basics over that time period to be able to beat the 200PLO games and jump into the good 500PLO games when available. This will also allow me to jump into any of the live PLO games.

I still plan to play NLH during this time but most of my study and play will be at PLO. Here is going to be my basic routine for the next 2 months.
I plan to have this schedule Monday-Friday.
7-8 am~ breakfast, coffee, get the kids moving
8-9 am~ study PLO
9-11 am~ play PLO/NLH because the games are slow
11-1 pm~ break, lunch, do something with kids
1-2 pm~ study PLO
2-4 pm~ Play PLO/NLH
4-8 pm~ break, dinner, spend time w/ family, bed time routines for kids
8:30-9:30~ study PLO
9:30-11:30~ Play PLO
11:30-12~ Go to bed

My weekend schedule will be dependent on my family. However, I don't plan to study on the weekend. I will be focused on family and playing PLO with any free time. I have just started Emty's "From the Ground Up PLO" course. If you have any recommendations for other material to help me get started please let me know.

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