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If you have the perfect strategy but you cannot execute it correctly for whatever reason it really doesn’t matter if you are a tactical master.
While many blogs focus on theory and session results, I will focus on the more hidden part of the game which will affect, also, the life outside of poker.

I’m playing NL50 and NL25

This year in BB

Yeah, quite lucky, but other years I’ve suffered a ton and I think this is the first year I am over EV, which is nice

Cleansing the clutter

I have much willpower and I am ambitious, the issue is that, my mind is flooded by too much things at the same time. As result, I felt like I was in a middle of nowhere and all around me, there are many signs, which I don’t know what to follow.
Now, I see a straight road ahead, which is comforting.

To obliterate confusion I made up a roadmap that highlights what I gotta do next. The numbers indicate the “level” of the challenge.

Let’s take the yellow 1
Whenever I got my cellphone at hand I spent so much time with it, basically lurking shit. Solution: turn it off for the entire morning till I go out. The next level should be, turn it off for the entire morning and for the entire evening.

My setup is simple, habits will stack up one on another, and it is easy to follow.

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