Opinions on playing cash vs tournaments

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Opinions on playing cash vs tournaments

Hello everyone. I'm new to Run it Once and it's been great so far. First a little bit about my background so I can hopefully get a detailed answer on this. I am a profitable low stakes nlhe player looking to improve my game as much as possible and add as many tools as I can to my playing arsenal. I want to focus on being a good tournament player as I always enjoyed playing tournaments more so than cash. I was able to grind out somewhere around $15/hr playing $1/$2 and $1/$3 live casino poker and was crushing micro tournaments online as a hobby. I found though that when I tried micro cash online as opposed to micro tournaments that I had a lot to learn despite crushing all the tournament players at similar smallish stakes. I did eventually get better at micro online cash but never had a crushing win rate at it like I did at the micro tournaments. That being said since I want to focus on being a good tournament player what percentage of my playtime should I devote to cash playing and what percentage should I devote to playing tournaments? Keep in mind my goal isn't to make as much money as I can in the short term it's to become the best tournament player I can be in the long term even if it means sacrificing some short term EV in the process. Thx a lot to anyone who takes out the time to read and answer this.

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