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Parents and Poker - A dilemma

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Parents and Poker - A dilemma

Hi :)

After doing well recently at the local casino near my university and grinding up the micro-stakes online, I started to ask myself -should I tell my parents about my passion for poker?

They know that I'm interested in the game but not that I play online or live for real cash. I'm not saying that they're anti gambling and believe that it's the devil but I don't think they'd react in the same way to if I was picked for the uni football (soccer for those in US).

I'd really like to tell them that I'm doing well and making some extra money while being a student, but afraid of their responses and I'd hate to ruin our close relationship. They know nothing about the game (apart from watching Casino Royale - if that even counts?) and probably just think it's all luck and that I'll lose all my money and mess up my degree.

I'd like to ask everyone here, if and how they told their parents that they play and how did they react?

Any thought and response are much appreciated :)



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