Passion is not there. Still can get to top?

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Passion is not there. Still can get to top?

Is there any point in aspiring to become a high stakes pro when the passion for the game is not really there? I was never that guy who REALLY loves the game and I don’t remember myself ever playing poker for no financial stake. I somehow managed to get a decent and constant amount of money out of poker in the last 4 years (used to grind 100s spin&gos and then live cash games), but I was never that guy who’s so much into the game and who thinks hands and situations all the time. I mean my sole purpose of improving the game is just those extra $$ added to my hourly. Also I’m very bad at remembering hands after each session, so I virtually cannot get any sort of reads on people (might be due to the fact that I rather scroll my phone instead of paying attention to the game). Due to this issue, friends suggested me to approach a more GTO based style, as that would be less mental consuming for someone who’s facing my problem.

The thing is that I really adore the life that poker has given me, as I’m currently traveling through Asia, getting decent amounts of money playing around here, but will I ever get to play those stakes that each one of us dream about?

I noticed that most of the successful players have poker as a part of their life, so is my lack of passion a big hold back for getting to that point?

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