Peace patience and discipline in my personal life makes for better poker

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Peace patience and discipline in my personal life makes for better poker

I have come to realize that poker is just a reflection of life. When you sit at the table agitated and impatient you will reap what you sow.
I am convinced that if I work on myself spiritually in the sense where I look inward for peace and tranquility in my life, my poker game will blossom.
I have started to focus on being patient on my drives to work and back. Not lose my temper when someone cuts me off, mistake or intentional. This way when I get a massive bad beat put on me, I do not feel angered or upset and don't tilt.
I am focusing on prayer and meditation to bring myself peace in my personal life and control my mind. This way when I am card dead for 2 hours I don't start overplaying marginal hands out of boredom. I am at peace just sitting and being the patient calm observer.
I am not giving in to those afternoon snacks that I know I shouldn't. That bag of chips or candy bar. This way I don't “give in” to playing Ace Jack offsuit when I am 3/4 bet.
I am exercising my body and mind each day so that when I call on my body physically or my mind mentally during times of duress ( A really long session or during a massive hand decision) I am prepared fully.
I am learning and practicing discipline, patience, mind control every day so that when I sit at the table I am a prepared warrior monk ready to rage sacred geometrical card warfare. I am no longer allowing my anger to manifest or giving in to my worldly impulses. I am training every day for my success.

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